For services and goods to be available to everyone, including people with physical disabilities, it is crucial to provide access for all. Providing accessible locations is crucial to not only people with motor disabilities, but also those who are blind or have low vision.

Before starting any outdoor construction project, having an idea of how much material you will need is crucial to the success of the project. Use it to work out the size of the required ramp, and both the angle and run of the ramp. In this article, we will detail how to use the calculator and how it works. Before working out the design of your ramp and the required measurements, our online calculator has two options to choose from.

You can either use the recommended values for the calculations or you can enter your own measurements for rise and run. Based on the measurement you provide for the ramp rise i. In this option, the wheelchair user remains sitting in the seat and the slope is 10 degrees.

Floodlight installation step-by-step

In this final recommended option, the wheelchair user is not sitting in the seat and the slope of the ramp is 15 degrees. Otherwise, make sure your business is ADA compliant, or install your first wheelchair ramp with our online ramp calculator!

Therefore, to create a ramp that rises a total height of 24 inches meeting the ADA standards you would require a ramp length of 24 feet and a ramp run of Therefore, the loading slope does not meet the ADA compliant handicap ramp standards.

Any business or church, organization, office or commercial property is required to meet the ADA standards. Be careful — substantial fines have been given out to those who do not meet the standards! Use our calculator and follow the above examples to make sure you are meeting them. Substantial fines are very common for businesses and other properties which do not meet the official ADA compliant handicap standards.

The answer is very simple! As you might have seen above, in the same calculations we use different units. The estimator does the conversions for you using the following ratios:. The ADA standards are applicable for commercial properties using permanent ramps, not for typical temporary or portable ramps for personal use. This is unlikely to be practical or necessary for your home, where you do not have to meet the standards.

Ramp Height Calculator

There is a lot of information online. Home Calculators Ramp Calculator.Not only can you check the appropriate ramp slopebut we'll give you hints about ramp construction as a whole as well. No need to worry about things like ramp size, landing size, or handrails! If you'd like to know how to build a ramp that complies with ADA ramp requirementswe have included the tips.

Also, we recommend reading the detailed ADA ramp slope paragraph below.

Friction on Inclined Plane Calculator

Are you ready? Before we show you how to calculate the slope of a ramp, we first need to explain slope unit convention. You can express slope in many ways, but let's focus on the three most popular forms:. This is the ratio of one part rise to the appropriate part of the run. Common slopes are, It's the angle between ramp and run or, in other words, angle of inclination to the horizontal.

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This angle is commonly expressed in degrees, though other angle units are possible. To calculate the slope's angle, use the inverse tangent :. Giving the grade slope as a percentage is the most common way of describing slopes in the US and in Europe.

ramp calculator physics

It's calculated from the tangent of the inclination angle:. After that intro on slope units, let's come back to the heart of the matter: how do you calculate the slope of a ramp? Well, that depends what information you have - if you know the rise and run the easiest case then you can use the formulas mentioned above. However, you might know the rise and the hypotenuse of the right triangle the ramp forms. In this case, you can calculate the run directly from Pythagorean formula :.

In this wheelchair ramp slope calculator, ramp length is the hypotenuse, but for stairs it will be the stringer length, and for roofing - the rafter length. As well as including many different accessibility standards, it contains guidelines for ramp construction. In this paragraph, we'll take a closer look at ADA ramp slopes.

According to the ADA standards, the least steep slope shall be used for any ramp. Apart from that information, what exactly does the guideline say? In each case, the maximum rise allowed is 30 inches mm. These three ADA ramp slope values are preset in our ramp calculator.

If existing sites, buildings, and facilities have space limitations, steeper ADA ramp slopes may be permitted. However, stricter restrictions on the maximum rise apply:. When constructing a ramp, be it for your home, public space or temporary use, you need to think about a few things other than a ramp slope and rise:.

The minimum clear width of a ramp is 36 in Don't forget to take into account the mounting of handrails when designing a ramp. Every ramp should have level landings at the top and bottom of each section - especially if your ramp has multiple sections turns.

The following landing features are essential:. You will find more details in paragraph 4. If you're wondering how to build a ramp, our ramp calculator will be a great help in its design and construction. Use it as either an ADA ramp slope calculator to meet the government's standards, or as a tool to calculate the ramp explicitly tailored to your needs.

Choose the ramp's application. Let's assume that we want to comply with the ADA ramp requirements, and we'd like to make a comfortable ramp. Pick the option from a drop-down list. Select the ramp type.Designed to assist you in finding the access solution that will best suit your needs.

When you follow the few simple steps to use the tool, it will determine the ramp length that you need based on your rise and incline requirements.

Ramp Calculator

Once the Calculator has provided you with the optimal ramp length that you need, it will recommend products that are available in that specific length. The Incline Calculator is for calculation of rise and run only. Please refer to individual product pages for relevant application.

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Need Help? Contact Us. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Read More. Incline Calculator Designed to assist you in finding the access solution that will best suit your needs.

Refer to your equipment's user guide for exact recommendations concerning acceptable usage and allowable slope.

We start you off with the ADA Standard Ratio ofbut we recommend you refer to your equipment's user guide for exact recommendations concerning acceptable usage and allowable slope. Enter the values in the tool to determine the length of ramping needed. At any incline, use ramp only with a qualified helper. Get in touch Questions about our products or need a custom solution?

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ramp calculator physics

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